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Today’s society is no stranger to alcohol problems. They affect people of all social classes, cloud self- perception, and sooner or later impair judgement and actions. Traditional alcohol withdrawal is associated with painful physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms and rarely leads to a life that is permanently clean and addiction-free. Our mission centres around a swift and smooth withdrawal from alcohol that will leave you addiction-free for life and protect you from a relapse. CLEAN AND FREE ® offers alcohol withdrawal through efficient and intelligent coaching, which not only focuses on the addiction, but also on dealing with your ordeals and fears. This is why our gentle withdrawal process from alcohol is such a successful method, setting a new standard in the field of addiction assistance Leave alcohol behind in one week, using discretion and alternative forms of therapy! Can you imagine freeing yourself from your addiction in only one week, for life? No longer with any need to re turn to the bottle? Our CLEAN AND FREE ® power coaching gives you a new chance in life, transforming the withdrawal process into something altogether more gentle and allowing you to change your addictive behaviour within one week. Our methods involve neither abrupt withdrawal from alcohol nor unnecessary therapies that stand in the way of a swift personality change and a new perspective on life. Discretion is key in the environment we create in our small and intensive group sessions, in which we try to find the causes of your addictive behaviour. Will seven days be sufficient to free me from my addiction? Yes, … Seven days are sufficient to cure you of your addiction! Our method builds on teaching you effective techniques that will help you permanently rid yourself of your addiction if you incorporate these into your daily life. Ten-minute sessions three times a day are enough to influence your body’s biochemistry to the extent that your addiction doesn’t stand a chance! Have you ever been in love? Do you remember how everything suddenly changed after your first kiss? A few minutes were enough to catapult you up to cloud nine and thus into a completely difference state of mind. We use this so-called ‘honeymoon effect’. It was made famous by Dr Bruce Lipton, whose research centred around quick personality changes and produced some astonishing results. Take charge and shape your new, addiction-free life. Our mental training and the reprogramming of your behaviour will completely wipe out your addiction! Let us surprise you with our intelligent coaching concept. You will notice an immediate change! After the seminar, you will receive further coaching letters that will act as daily reminders to do your exercises. In addition, you will have 12 more months of free support over the phone at your disposal. What else could you possibly ask for? Mental training and therapies confirmed by neuroscientific research are key elements in our alcohol withdrawal programme and have positive effects on body and soul. Each of our exercises aims at putting an end to your addiction once and for all, and to allow you to set yourself on a new path characterised by self-determination and self-confidence. We don’t create ‘sober alcoholics’, but individuals who are able to live their lives free from addiction and full of self confidence. Take charge and shape your new, addiction-free life. We put your personality first, because you are the only one who can determine your own success and take control of your life. Our gentle CLEAN AND FREE ® alcohol withdrawal method supports you in your private, personal, and business environments. It is therefore seen as a technique that helps conquer your addiction and offers completely new solutions for dealing with challenges in your life. CLEAN AND FREE ®? a fresh start for an addiction-free life! If you make conscientious use of the tools we give you to banish your alcohol addiction, you will achieve your goals in one week and be able to see the world in a different light. By signing up to our coaching and alcohol withdrawal programme, you have already made the most difficult and important decision, acknowledging that you suffer from an addiction and that you need to free yourself from it. Our coaching helps you to understand the causes of your addiction and when you are most likely to want to drown your sorrows. We use NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and give you the opportunity to completely reprogramme your attitude to and connection with your own life. From the moment you begin the NLP treatment at CLEAN AND FREE ®, you once again take the helm of your life and will be able to see the advantages of taking responsibility o f your actions again. What will you be capable of after the seminar? Our methods and techniques make the impossible possible. You can achieve unimaginable things and see new opportunities in your problems, face challenges with a positive attitude, and succeed where success seems impossible. Go further than others, draw new strength to push on where previously you would have given up. The CLEAN AND FREE ® alcohol withdrawal programme aims to permanently rid you of your addiction, helping you focus on new goals and showing you how you can use Hans R. Hoffmann’s neurodynamic mental training methods to create personal success and put your addiction behind you as a limitation of the past. Our gentle detoxification process is based on natural methods and avoids weighing your body down with pharmaceutical medicines. It is our aim to facilitate a swift and effective alcohol withdrawal for all our clients and to demonstrate that CLEAN AND FREE ® can show them the way to a new and self-determined life. This is our promise to you!
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